this is what dreams are made of

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Who am I to disagree

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I’m usually that person who has no idea what’s going on

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Percy Jackson and A Bunch Of Times He Made Bad Decisions While Screaming Yolo And Completely Ignored Annabeth Who Was Sighing In Exasperation Just Behind HIm

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*comes to meet you at Starbucks 15 minutes late with Starbucks from another location*

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I just can’t get over 2005 Fergie


what do you even focus on

nah son that naruto

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the ceo of abercrombie and fitch has a lot of nerve saying that ugly people shouldn’t wear his clothes when he looks like an albino orc from the lord of the rings




Now is the time to reblog this.
I’ve been awaiting this picture.

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the amount of sass in this screencap is overwhelming

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This is what it’s like when I go on someone’s blog and a playlist starts playing. 

how the fuck did they film that scene 

they threw a radio at his face

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people who are talented and also good looking and also have great personalitiesimage

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the gay hiker from bw1 strikes again

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A man admittedly followed and killed an innocent teenager, and was declared not guilty.

States are passing laws allowing guns in public schools.

Women are losing their reproductive rights at an increasingly alarming rate.

Riots are tearing through the streets in cities all over the world.

College tuition keeps rising, sending a generation into debt as soon as they are entering the adult world.

Education funds keep getting slashed.

Privacy no longer exists. 

Corporations now have the same rights as people, and the funds to actually protect them. 

Through loopholes, many U.S. Corporations pay a lower tax rate than middle class families.

States are now passing more voter ID laws and similar laws that only affect the lower class.

The corporate giant, Monsanto, has pretty much purchased and bribed its way into every grocery product on the shelf, resulting in food becoming less and less like, well, food. There are reasons Cancer rates are getting worse. 

Likewise, Monsanto is making sure small American farmers are ran out of business. Also, their constant pesticide use is killing bees and other insects, causing dire environmental issues.

The mass media is more concerned with pop culture and trends, than the real issues the world is facing.

Human population is ever growing, and at rapid rates. It can’t just continue this way.

We have put so much trash in giant landfills all over our world and in our oceans. We are killing our planet.

By planet you mean we are killing ourselves. 

Can we also pay attention to the fact that there aren’t just political problems going on???

I mean, seriously, I have been trying to tell everyone, BUT NO ONE IS EVEN REBLOGGING THE ARTICLES THAT COULD SAVE A LIFE

While all this is happening, the Pacific Ocean is being contaminated by not just trash, but Radiation.


There was a leak in the Fukushima power plant that has now poisoned the entire Pacific Ocean.

Some think that oh, maybe it will go away with time. Sure, it will, in about 16 million years. Yes, you read that right. Due to the long half life of iodine-129, the whole ecosystem of the Pacific Coast will be contaminated pretty much forever.

Here is the radiation levels in the ocean.


Everyone needs to wake up.

The government needs to be set straight. They were hiding this information so that people don’t panic. Well, now everyone’s gonna die and not know why.

Shit is going down, and we need to make sure EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING that is happening in this place we call home.


Holy fucking shit

fukushima is one of the scariest things going on and it’s literally getting less attention than that real houswives couple who are going to prison.

reblogging again

whoa whoa whoa not cool guys read pls

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what am i doing with my life

A spectacular job.

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​me whenever i don’t get enough notes on my selfie

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❝ Confused❞

I make myself laugh more than anyone else. I also laugh at very inappropriate times. I really like to laugh. Laughing is cool. I'm actually laughing right now. I'm freaking hilarious omfg.