i don’t understand how there are people who don’t listen to music ever like

are you people okay??????

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friendly reminder that Harry Potter

  1. at eleven, was described by his teachers as ‘bright’
  2. at the same age, according to the Sorting Hat: “Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes” and “You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head”
  3. mastered the…
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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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"Its a small world" 

No its not otherwise I would be spending every day visiting my internet friends

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Twilight in two seconds

This is the only twilight thing I will ever reblog. 

I have been waiting for this gif

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i wonder if china has fancy plates called america


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when u have ur music on shuffle and u hear the first note of welcome to the black parade image

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I am not here to please you.”

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if we havent talked in forever i am very sorry i thought i was annoying you

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When someone makes a musical reference and you’re the only one that catches it



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Did you make all of those Cas Pop! Figurines? Cause the winged one! And the 2014 endverse! Cas!! Also, your Crowley Pop! Is awesome!


Sam: Welp, we had another round of peeps FOLLOWING and UN-FOLLOWING and RE-FOLLOWING an’ all that there.

Cas: Those young people nowadays, with their TEXTING and MURDER.

Sam: Yep!  So, mabes some INTRODUCTIONS are in order!  I’m SAM DA MOOSE, also known as MOOSIFER, an’ this is CAS.  We’ll show you some of th’ other PERSONALITIES.

Sam: These are CAS’S MINIONS.  You can tell ‘cause they wear FUNNY HATS.

Chief Minion: I’m the CHIEF MINION.

Sam: They do a lot of stuff around here.

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Sam: You missed a spot!

Sam: An’ these are the NEW GUYS, they just flew in from AUSTRALIA, from a place called POPCULTCHA.

Cas: G’day, mates!

Winged Minions: G’day!

Winged Minions: Put a shimp on the BARBIE!

Winged Minions: Happy WOOLLAGARONGA DAY!  Let’s go catch a WALLEROO!

Sam: This is where tiki does her CUSS-T’MIZIN’.  (It involves sayin’ a lot of WORDS I won’t repeat ‘til I’m older.)  Anyways, she did my MOOSIFER SUIT, and also GABE an’ CROWLEY.


Crowley: I’m a CUSTOM too.  In addition, I have a POSH BRITISH ACCENT. 

Sam: Sometimes tiki gets a little OVER-AMBITIOUS with the CUSS-T’MIZIN’.  So here are 2014!Cas, and SERGEI.

2014!Cas: I’m from a HELLISH FUTURE WORLD where there is NO PIE!

Sergei: I am SERGEI!  You may call em SERGEI!  My MOOSETASHE makes me your GOD!

Sam: You may wonder, that’s an awful lot of Cas’s.  How the heck can we tell th’ REAL CAS?

Dean: Hey, Sammy!

Sam: Hey, Demon Dean.

Cas: Dean!

Dean: Cas!

Cas: Dean!

Dean: Cas!

Dean ‘n Cas: ….

*****INTENSE STARIN’******

Sam: The truth is, that’s never been much of a PROBLEM!

Sergei: I am SERGEI!

Miinions: G’day!

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Sam: You missed a spot!

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I still laugh whenever I remember that the reason there was a whole section in Goblet of Fire dedicated to Hermione explaining the correct pronunciation of her name to Viktor Krum was because JK Rowling had found out there were actually people out there calling her character “Hermy One”

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❝ Confused❞

I'm terrible at writing these things.